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The Fall

You might fall a million times, fail drastically every single time you try and never have the slightest hope of success. You might hurt people around,prove yourself to be an absolute loser, troublemaker and good for nothing and fitting nowhere in any picture frames. You might have caused trouble and messed up good times.Yes, messed it big time and ruined ideas and plans.You might even have hurt that best friend of yours, that one person who always stood up for you and probably broken a million hearts and scarred people’s lives with insult and pain.You might be that one person who frequently causes “Bad Luck” everywhere you go, even to that brief encounter with your old friend.But you know what…..I think it’s okay to be that “Troublemaker” you were labeled, that one soul who has failed at everything,everywhere and every time. Its ok to be the way you are and accept the frequent bad luck that keeps happening to you because every time you fail, every once you fall, you are bound to get up and every time you get up and face the world you become stronger without you realizing it.
Every single fall and failure has made you a better person and taught you a better lesson and shaped you a little more curvy, round and beautiful.
Fall. Fail. Be humiliated.You are learning a new lesson each day.


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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