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A rather cold night

The night was overwhelmingly filling, my mind flowed over with thoughts, they trickled down all over and down, I knew not where they found their way onto. On my window the rain lashed it’s hands, filling my heart with a strange joy I couldn’t make sense. My mind wandered taking along with its lust my eyes. Up to the ceiling and out my window, they wouldn’t stop nor could I shut them any longer. The stars weren’t out in the sky today, the moon fogged beneath the thick rain clouds it felt as if my heart was hid behind the bulrushes of my excruciating pain and dilemma. There was rain and only rain, the wind blowing harder and wilder it was powerful to whip away all the remnants of confusion, bafflement, pain and worry. The music of the night wasn’t there today yet the rain had a music that was bizarrely attractive, soothing to the ears and calming to the heart. Rain was here, it came along with goodies both big and small for everyone living in town wiping away all dust, tits and bits of dirt. Rain was here and it brought along joy and smiles…..


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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