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It’s a shivering, chill night, the moon was out
And so were the stars in the dark blanket up in the skies,
They emitted lights flickering between hope and distress,
The darkness engulfed air and sight,
I hardly saw myself in the pitch of the darkness,
The only light showered down
By the generous moon, its silvery glow on every
Tree, leaf, herb and my coarse skin
But occasionally hiding behind the thick rain clouds,
Shy to be the earth’s bride,
I hardly saw her light at times,
The night was strangely engulfing
My eyes wandered to places dark and meaningless
The moon hiding and the stars flickering
Crouched by my window, staring into the dark sky
My body fragile, futile and frangible from the tears
That flowed over all day and the pain that swelled
Deep in my heart, it was unbearable,
The night had answers for me,
With its thick black clouds, the shimmering light
On the streets, the stars above and the moon
Hiding away and revealing from time to time
Your face screens before my eyes over and over again
Shrieks of agony I caused screeching in my ears
The big, drops of tears flowing down and down
The rain reminding me constantly
With the big bally raindrops like tears on my window
What could I do?
I left you in the streets abandoned to the dogs and the silence of the night
My cold heart emotionless to your cries that night,
The agony I did feel I shrugged away, trampled down to pieces under my feet,
I held heaps of wrath in the closets of my heart,
You abandoned me to the garish sun,
I forced my heart to feel no pain nor hearken to your pleas
You hurt me in ways my body never underwent,
In ways least imagined,
I had to abandon you to rot in the graveness of the night,
Die in the cold of the rain and think
In the melancholy of a romantic yet painful night
But here in the cold of the night Why oh Why,
I felt swarms of regret filling the walls of my heart,
They stung me in places delicate, forcing down
The wrath in the grounds of my mind
To fall to the earth and regret again,
To feel pain, agony, misery, sympathy, empathy and distress again……….
I was made a prisoner in the cells of my body,
Abandoned by my senses for
The abandonment of a friend in the streets,
Punished for revenge by the goodnesses of my personality,
I felt deep pain. Staring into the dark sky didn’t help,
They pressed me, constantly reminding me
For the abandonment.


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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