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Pull back the covers

I scrambled out of bed.
In a jiffy pulled back the curtains to see the reflection of my fainted heart.
It was a wet day, the birds were not out in the skies nor were the skies a happy blue today!
Aha! The sun wasn’t there peeking through the clouds nor were the trees on the yard sunkissed. Today they were green, strangely greener in tone, texture and colour, the water gleaming on the leaves. I stood watching the nuance of nature for the day! Why it was sunny yesterday, where did the storms drive away the sun, was it hiding behind clouds , clinging on like a little child onto its mother’s dangling piece of cloth! How was it that the sun was gone and that the storms took over in all power and harshness? How was it that my soul felt thrilled yesterday and today it poured down heavily on the grounds of my mind, seeping deep into every crack on my ground?
So I pulled back the covers………….
It was pouring down heavily somewhere deep in the lands of my heart, thundering storms and driving away every ounce of joy, sweeping away my reasons to cheer and smile again. They thundered, rained and rained…….all day long, it took over every sky, ground, street, city and lands within me.
Why I was exhausted, my aching heart deprived of every strength to fight back the winds, the storm and the darkened clouds!
So I pulled back the covers, away from the reflection of my soul outside my window.
I had to get out of the mess, run through the rain as quickly as possible no matter what, even if it meant – drenched, soaked and weary!
I did try, but the storm was hard, stronger than my will power to fight. I saw it coming again, thunder that shook my self, lightning that blinded the eye, pour that numbed the flesh and pain that destroyed me. A pain that I thought had gone away, the pain of losing…….
So I pulled back the covers and I was gone probably drenched in the rain, shook by the thunder or blinded by the lightning,
I closed my eyes and I knew not what for a while, a while I wish lasted forever…………



Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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