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I let the wind swipe me

I let the wind swipe me, the colours sloshed across the skies in shades of pink, blue and green gat hold of my spirits and the breeze ogle at me in a desire so unfulfilled and yearning! Somewhere beyond the skies, the hills and my senses I hear the cadence of a music that lures me into finding my way into myself, it fills my ears like a tingle so sharp, the music filling the air it touches my skin and I know I have an escape, away from realities that crushed my soul, stamping me harder by the day, forcing out fancies too beautiful for reality. In the cacophony that fills the air, I hear no melody, just melancholy far too sinewy to digest, very unpleasant to relish. The words make no sense, the music isn’t music, just noise that blares my ears days into nights and nights into days. There is no you in the words, nor can I make sense of you between the lines of the cacophony that I hear from far away. They blare and glare, pulling down a hundred towers onto the grounds of my mind. They say it’s music, music that heals, that makes live. That ain’t music, that I can’t feel you through the melody or the rhythm……


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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