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Fading away into dusk

The evening sun kissed my sin, the wind brushing against my body,
I felt the thrill of an excited poet erupt somewhere deep in the grounds of my heart,
The clouds growing from shades of blue and orange to darker shades of blue probably,
The color fading away from its face with every tick of the tiny clock on my table
From outside my window I see birds soaring away to their abode,
Gliding gently midst the clouds, they might really know what it means to touch the skies!
The light, the glow, the effect of the milieu fades away to shades darker
As if the painter painted them away darker at the corners of his picture,
Giving it a slight touch with the brush- here, there and somewhere there
Somewhere in the closets of my mind my thoughts rise, soaring away
Like the clouds I see gliding away with the movement of the earth,
My thoughts shudder and move away onto greater distances
With the unmerciful manoeuvre of my “overthought” thoughts deep within the grounds of my mind
I sit by the window watching the world go by as the twilight leaves
The world silent and peaceful yet somewhere in the cities noisy, cranky
And irksome with the endless pile of work at offices and companies
The birds have gone home and crickets have taken over the silence of the dusk,
The ambience ruled by an uncanny silence with a little murmur and whisper here and there, somewhere in the corners yet silent
Joggers rushing home,children bundled up in cozy homes,
Dinner steaming on every stove in every home,
The rumble of water as people wash their minds and bodies of the filth they might have carried home,
Was this how nightfall was welcomed to town?
Somewhere in the distance I see sunlight peeking through the foliage
As if to say goodbye for the night,
I also see the colour fading away into darker shades of blue,
The light has gone out and darkness has engulfed
All over, all land and skies,
The sun is no more in the skies nor its light anywhere my eyes can reach
Not all that dark after all,
Still crouched by the window, lost in thoughts and now
Staring at the dark blanket high up in the skies,
The moon now staring down at me, glowing into my empty eyes,
The stars popping one at a time
And down on the streets the street lamp now lit bright,
Guiding people home and fireflies and bugs to it side,
Declaring with its very presence that night has fallen
And the day is far gone,
Its not that dark after all,
Except when the moon dangling high above
Hides from time to time behind drapes of clouds
that once were fluffy and white,
I know not what now,
If they are thick rain clouds or not?
I watch and watch as the whisper of the crickets grow louder
And the skies are a complete dark dark blue more of black now,
There’s a little dark light emitted far in the sky,
I now stare at the moon,
As the music of the night grows louder with every tick of the
the tiny clock on my table


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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