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Dear Virus

Dear Virus,
You banged on our lives suddenly out of the blue
Just when things were going smooth and graceful,
Our companies had attained high standards,
Our children reached peaks of success
Our countries and lands had stepped higher and
Our people had begun to live well,
When you suddenly wrecked us of our dreams
And burnt into ashes our passions
Out of the blue we met on the streets,
You suffocated us, sucking the life out of us,
Forcing us inside our homes, silencing our lives
Draining hopes and faith right out of us,
You changed lives, scattered us here and there
And then you shut us in for five months
I wonder what kind of power you possessed
Because now I know it was for good!
Yesterday when you arrived we were shut in homes
As boredom crept in from cracks on the walls of our minds
The streets empty, the noisy kids were gone
The nosy aunty was no longer interested,
We hardly looked into people’s eyes
Fearing you would capture us
And ending up in clean white beds in the district hospital,
And the news going “Another case of Covid-19”
Now we hardly look people in the eye,
We have come to scroll down our shopping websites
For masks- red, green, black, white and yellow
And ones that went along with our blue shirts and pink dresses
We wear the mask all the time now even when
We have to meet that old friend across the street
Sanitizers and masks have become our daily needs today
Our lives have now become a huge hodgepodge
But hey this wasn’t bad after all
The pile of work that stacked our desks on weekends were gone,
 But Dear Virus,
We know we will come back to normal,
Rise from the ashes and fly again


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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