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A bound soul

I don’t know until when but 

I feel like a country hoping for independence to finally fly high in the free skies,

A while ago I wandered on the streets of a rather unquiet city,

Indeed I was a vagabond in these lands, lost in empty roads,

Stuck between the light lamps here and the darkness at the far corner there……

Treading down the tiled grounds of the streets onto distant, lonely pathways,

The houses on my way are now quiet, children put to sleep, lights out, fire places going out,

As lovers slipped into cosy beds for long talks, the hopeless dangling between life and death,

The depressed staring into the night skies, a zillion thoughts buzzing all around them,

I walk on like a weary traveller who was refused a refuge in many a homes

Little parts of me were lost, lost in lands known as love, hopelessness, depression and pain 

A little further away, the streets empty, the roads abandoned to the silence of the night,

Oh God I feel cold, my feet numb and my heart frozen.

mind dusting out files onto the desks of my heart giving me all the reasons in the world to quit, escape these winding pathways for a long eternal sleep somewhere in Paradise

I was a vagabond in these landsRunning away from something I cannot describe if asked to describe,

Something of an uncanny fear, confusion and pain filling the walls of my rather damp, fragile, futile and frangible heart,

I was running away for ………solace I think

A little bit of peace and freedom from my over-thought thoughts maybe. Maybe.

As I walk on, repressions of times old and thoughts from my ancient past, regrets from miles behind 

Flood on the banks of my mind, spilling on the floor shell like misery and agony in all shapes, colours and sizes

Walking onto places my feet knew but my mind and heart had no clue

I was a stranger within myself,

A refugee in my lands,

A nomad in my own streets,

Fighting for a freedom my instincts and thoughts demanded

To live free of heart rending pain, piercing sorrow, gloom that shadowed over my head every now and then

And vibes of negativity that probed me into giving up my fight,

And fall like a kite from high up the skies, the winds pushing it down to the ground, claiming it’s right and power over its frail exterior and vulnerable spirit,

I want to get out of here,Smell the air of freedom,

Swim in waters that touch the skin, passing into me tranquility and a hope to move forward,

Delve into oceans free from Depressions and Repressions where the blue waters signify calmness and no ounce of confusion

I want to get out,

For a little bit of freedom maybe. Maybe


Writing relieves down my bad moods and awakens and fires up my spirits.

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